Hello, my name is Bria 

I have created this space on the web to share my makeup artistry and share my thoughts on my ever-growing cruelty-free beauty wardrobe.




I have been blogging and posting my makeup online since I was 16, I love sharing my makeup and meeting other artists and people who love beauty as much as I do. I decided to switch to cruelty-free beauty shortly after I decided to go vegan 3 years ago as it did not feel it conscionable to support and promote companies that had ties to animal testing.  

to contact me 

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For Curious Minds


-       I am currently a student in the subject of Fine Arts finding myself with a growing passion for ceramics.

-       I am a lifelong knitter with my own web shop where I sell hand knitted socks and other accessories called Grey Pine Co.

-       While my makeup looks may be bright, bold and colourful in style and lifestyle I prefer a neutral, minimalist and Scandinavian inspired aesthetics.

-       I love Kashi Vanilla Shredded Wheat Cereal, Follow you Heart Ranch, Russet Potatoes cooked all the ways, and Thai takeout.

-       You may occasionally see pictures of a black, brown and white cat on here, that’s Bella. I adopted her from behind my apartment building when I was 15 and we have been friends ever since.

-       I drink filtered Water, Green Tea with Lemon, Kombucha, Matcha, and French Vanilla Coffee with almond milk (Blonde Roast if I’m feeling fancy enough to splurge on Starbucks).

-       I’m forever streaming and binging on Netflix or Amazon Prime. I recommend The Office, True Blood, The Good Wife, The Fall, Veep, and Hannibal if you’ve seen all these and need more recommendations just ask.

-       I’m excessively sarcastic and it is diagnosed as incurable. Daria has been my soul sister since I was in elementary school.