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I've been working really hard on building my "flawless" base routine, it is very difficult. This practice turned out a lot better than others and I can definitely see improvement but the look still eludes me. I love big bold brows a la Keira Knightly or Lily Collins and have been telling myself 'I'm growing them in' but they truth is my brow hairs have never been thick and they never will be and I need to stop lying to myself...I think this is as lush as brows get for me and I must accept it.

*Big Bold Brows
*Flawless Base

One thing that has made a massive difference in the quality of my base makeup is I've incorporated more targeted setting with powder. I used to just take a fluffy brush dip it in powder and dust it all over my face and call it a day, then have my makeup up melting off in a few hours! Now I've taken smaller brushes and pressed the powder into my face along my T-zone while still dusting along the perimeter of my face as I don't get much oiliness there. I did try powdering my under eye with pressing powder into that area but I didn't like it at all I have very fine lines under my lower lashes and eyes in general and I felt it made the area look sooooo dehydrated and old! So I'll stick to using a small fluffy eye brush to dust along that area...

My eye lashes are naturally curly and I never felt I needed to curl them at all but it makes such a difference! I only do one pump(?) of the eyelash curler and only at the base of my lashes and gives such lift to my lashes. Like a push up bra for your eyelashes.

And I think I'm about done as far as commentary for this look....I hope you were able to get something out of my rambles as a part of my New Years resolution to improve my blogging I am forcing myself to write more Feels very strange and uncomfortable but I know with practice it'll improve....I hope. But anyway Au Revoir

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