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80s Makeup
I love the 80s style of unstructured up to the brow bone with color makeup look. Very different from my preference of crisp graphic lines. This look has a neon yellow eye shadow for a brow highlight with a neon orange eyeshadow and 'pastel' neon peach/pink on the eyelid and crease with a matte white eyeshadow accent under the brow. I did a green eyeliner and green eyelashes. To get a "green mascara" effect I painted on a white cream base and patted on green eyeshadow. This color scheme also screams easter to me I think its a wonderful color palette for easter time to keep in mind next year and of course modify the color placement and shape for a more wearable experience.

I was really please on how this Neon 80s eye makeup experient came together it kind of reminds me of Starburst candies. I even liked it zoomed out, how it looked with my whole face however I didn't do a full face application. I think it would be great for someone with daring style or someone attending a 80s themed costume party or 80s halloween costume.

Do you guys like 80s Makeup?