Black gyaru makeup
Gyaru Makeup

Some experimenting I did a few months ago with getting a "perfect" nose is awkwardly off center but I tried. Aside from that I really liked this look and I thought it was awesome before I looked at the pictures lol. Don't remember everything that I used to get this 'natural flawless makeup look' so I'm gonna bypass a product list for this look. I miss these brows though. I am forever in a state of "Oh, I'm growing them out." But they never get exactly where I want them, which is probably a sign that my goals are unrealistic for what I'm bringing to that that area needs to be reevaluated. The blush is one of my NYX  cream blushers in Natural great color.

Let me know in the comments or on any of my many social media platforms if there is something specific you'd like to see me attempt.
Au Revoir Shoshanna