Gyaru, Gyaru Makeup, Gaijin Gyaru, Black Gyaru

'OLDIE' look from last September that never made the cut. It's one of those things where I liked it person but looked at the pictures and just thought gross, but I recently rediscovered and I liked this one so I thought it was worth a share. It's a funny thing, all 2011 and for most of 2012 I was transfixed with the Gyaru beauty world then that kind of faded out as its a very expensive look to maintain! Haha between the hair, the lashes, the lenses for sure it is not one for the frugal glamourista. I still find the Gyaru makeup and style very beautiful though.

I don't remember the exact products that were used so I'm not gonna give a product list. I hope you like my take on the 'gaijin gyaru' style.