I was recently contacted by a representative from a web shop called Born Pretty Store and they offered to let my try out some products from them. I choose this box of assorted false eyelashes, eight count eyeshadow palette, and a lip brush.

I only used this palette for the gold eye makeup. First two shadows (top to bottom) on the right and left side and the bottom right on the right hand side. The lashes I'm wearing are the middle pair and I absolutely love this shape, very natural and flattering to the eye. They have a catalog of affordable synthetic lashes on the sight, below is a coupon code.

The shipping did take some time as I believe they are based out of singapore and I am in the United States. It took around three weeks to arrive which may sound like a long time but as someone who has purchased from asian countries before thats quite a typical transit time unless you want to pay for expedited shipping.

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