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Todays makeup look I can't say was inspired by any particular style, persons or moment. I just wanted to play. I haven't worn makeup in a week! Which for me causes some serious withdrawals but my skin has been up in arms with me and I had a serious break out along my jawline on both sides and have been suffering some severe dryness all over my face. (Thats why you might notice some patchiness on my eyelid. None of the products are to blame just dry skin) Which both have been quite the discomfort but I hope I can say I'm getting to the other side soon.

The breakout has cleared up almost completely but the uncomfortable dryness remains. Which in my desperation to alleviate it I've been trying out some unique methods of moisturization. I will keep you posted if any of them show any effect on my situation and I am definitely open to suggestions on dealing with super dry skin.

Anyways back onto the eye makeup of the today. Outside of my skin texture I'm really pleased with the results of this look. I think it's very editorial eye makeup for me, like it being something I could actually see in a campaign somewhere. I feel like I've grown a lot with refining and editing my looks to have a real impact visually and not just being a bunch going on where its cool but doesn't really come together as a solid piece. I'm still no master but work in progress.

Two things I've really truly gotten obsessed with is 1. placement of color directly under the front of my brow and 2. intense gradation from one color to the next both of which I implemented into this look. I also played with a 'stacked' eyeliner effect with white being the main and using a black liquid pen as a almost eyeliner contour.

I hope you enjoyed this look please leave a comment below!

xxxo BRIA
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