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Halloween MakeupOrange makeup

A colorful, dramatic, semi-graphic Autumnal eye edit 

Today I paired up some of my favorite fall colors for my EOTD. I think orange and violet make a great combination and are beautiful for the fall and Halloween season.

 I love orange makeup, it's a wonderful contrasting color on green/blue eyes, really enhances and electrifies the natural colors. If those are your natural eye colors I highly encourage you to experiment with orange eyeshadow it does absolutely beautiful things.  Alas for my personal color skin and eyes orange just falls flat on me I try and try but it really give me nothing and me in orange lipstick is always disastrous.

I hope you enjoy, please comment below.

Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Caramel Beige
Sugarpill Cosmetics Flamepoint
Tarte for True Blood Palette (LE) *Shimmery Cooper and Cream with Sheen
TheBodyNeeds2 Matte Violet
BornPrettyStore Lashes
Dolly Wink Liquid Liner
Revlon Lash Lacquer Mascara
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