Byzantium: the Winter Knit Hat

Ribbed Knit Hat, Byzantium Knits

A semi non makeup related post. Some of you may have noticed my new link in my sidebar, I've opened an Etsy shop! In my shop I will be and am currently selling handmade knit and crochet accessories. This post features the first hat to go up in my shop. A slouchy rib style that combines style and functionality.

The ribbing pattern gives stylish texture but make no mistake its cuteness does not detract from the warmth and insulation this hat can provide.

If you are interested in purchasing my 'Byzantium' slouchy knit hat you can do so 'HERE'

The shop is small now, but I am currently working on new items everyday and they will be trickling into the store over the next few weeks.

Boho Knit hat, Natural boho makeup

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