Gilded Kisses

Focusing on a neutral lipart today, I recreated an amped up version of the custom lip tar I used in my Orange Smokey Eye makeup look. To create this gilded nude lip I mixed one of my favorite shades from The Body Needs called 'Pink Diamonds' with a clear gloss and layered it over top of Milanis Lip Pencil in Spice.

This closeup definitely exposes my need for a lip wax. We all have that extra fuzz up there and for those of us with darker hair it can be more noticeable than those with fair hair. I prefer to wax mine as its smooth and last for weeks, I will admit that in desperate times I've reached for an eyebrow razor for a quick fix but I hate using shaving as a method for hair removal because it doesn't feel as smooth and it last for all of two seconds before you have hair sprouting back out. In high school I used to thread it, but my tolerance is not what it once was and it just hurts too much. I have no idea how I used to handle it. Hair removal creams seem to be a  popular option but personally I question their safety and I just don't feel comfortable putting those chemicals on my skin.

I recommend lip waxing all the way! How do you feel about 'lady-staches'?