Off the Curve // Eyes

I picked up some small detail brushes up from my local craft store and have been enjoying the sharpness I've been able to achieve in recent trails with them. Still practicing getting thinner lines but they have really stepped up the overall crispness of my looks.

Key players in this look were my Sugarpill Cosmetics eye shadows in Poison Plum, 2am, Midori and Tako.

Unfortunately the two purple shades are not vegan due the use of Carmine in the ingredients which is very disappointing. If you are unfamiliar with the origin of Carmine the skinny is that it is a pigment made up of the crushed scales of insects.....yeah pretty gross. It can be found in most red/purple lipsticks and eyeshadows in the cosmetic industry. It is not limited to those colors, I've seen it in blushes, bronzers, foundations etc.

It's used because it is cheap... companies like Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics who are all about color and 100% Vegan have proved you don't actually need this pigment to produce vibrant colors so its unfortunate seeing it in so many things.

Currently I've resolved to used up these that I currently own, but I will not be repurchasing them in the future unless they are reformulated to be vegan.