Sugarpill Cosmetics Edward Scissorhands Palette

First Impressions and Swatches

Suburbia, Heart-Shaped Cookie, Castle on the Hill, Home Sweet Home, Ice Angel, The Inventor

Suburbia, Heart-Shaped Cookie, Castle on the Hill, Home Sweet Home, Ice Angel, The Inventor

What I Like:

  • Sleek Packaging: I feel like too many brands, especially when it comes to limited releases, produce such bulky packaging that is like a million times more than necessary for the actual size of product you receive. 
  • Design: Again the esthetics of this palette are very good, I love the images and design chosen to represent Edward Scissorhands for the 25th Anniversary. 
  • Pan Shape: I personally prefer rectangle or square shaped eye shadow pans, no particular reason as it does nothing to improve functionality. 

What I don't Like: 

  • Matte shades do not seem compatible with darker skin tone.
  • Difficulty blending. 


I'm not even going to waste your time, I just want to let you know right off the bat that I am not pleased with this palette. I've been a fan of Sugarpill Cosmetics since their launch and if you are a frequent reader of my product lists you'll know they are basically in every single one, but this offering was a let down. Don't let my pretty swatches fool you, Suburbia, Heart-Shaped Cookie and Home Sweet Home, I had to pack those on like crazy and when I tried to blend them out they blended into nothing. I'm really shocked that they do not pack the signature Sugarpill pigment punch. I also found these same shades to be patchy, I never use eye shadow primer/base when I apply eye shadow but with these I fell it would be a must. The shades Ice Angel and The Inventor however are quite pretty, Ice Angel has a glorious violet pearlescent while The Inventor is a blue-gray metal shade and while pretty isn't very unique as I already have an eyeshadow that is very similar. 

I was very excited to see a completely vegan palette but I do think I will have to go through a tedious return scenario with this palette because I do not need an, albeit pretty, $36.00 paper weight.  

Update: So my first impression was not good... now as I sit here a few days later with some more experimenting under my belt I will admit that it is not as horrible as I initially thought. 

So the matte shades do take a little more finesse than I am used to, but they are workable. If you feel you cannot live without this palette just make sure you have an eye primer on hand, I went out and picked up the Milani Eyeshadow Primer and it's fantastic, gets the job done. I think the colors  of this palette are definitely more compatible with skintone on the paler side rather than darker skin tones. 

Final Verdict

Rating: 3/5

  • Beautiful color scheme that really captures the aesthetics in Edward Scissorhands. 
  • Very Pretty Packaging.
  • Decent eyeshadow quality. I feel like I've maybe beaten the quality up in this review, know that I am very picky about eye shadows and have high expectations from brands that have proven in the past they can blend a good shadow. These eyeshadow still beat out any three dollar eye shadow you might pick up at the drugstore by miles. 
  • Pale skin tones with get the greatest benefit from it.