Viseart Neutral Mattes

Vistart Neutral Matte palette review

01 Neutral Matte

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the Viseart Neutral Mattes palette. I have had it for months now and have just started using it regularly.

What is it?

Made in France with an artisanal approach of small batches to ensure consistent product quality, Viseart eye shadows are some of the highest quality on the market today. I've had mine for quite a time now, initially I wasn't sure I would keep it so I kept it in its box tucked away in my drawer. My uncertainty stemmed from two reason 1. the entire palette is not actually vegan and 2. it is just so expensive.

Finally I decided to use it…

And I could have kicked myself for waiting so long! This palette is amazing , the shadows are so silky smooth with consistent pigmentation. I really despise is some eye shadow palettes how quality and pigmentation vary from shade to shade and you are left with only half of the shadows being worth using.  Viseart does not disappoint, thankfully in consideration of the $80.00 price tag.  All shades are a solid 10.

 From other reviews some of the cons for people have been the no fuss packaging which I personally love. I am not easily wooed by froo-froo packaging in fact I hate bulky packaging. Why do I need a cardboard box that is one inch deep when the eye shadow pans are only a few millimeters deep?

 I do wish it were made of possibly more durable high quality packaging but c'est la vie. Nothing is perfect, you can easily depan these into other palettes as I have seen many others do. I myself am considering putting mine into another empty makeup palette with a mirror, I'll let you know if I decide it to do it.

Viseart Neutral Mattes Palette swatches 


Here are some swatches I did of all of the shadows included in the Viseart 01 Basic Neutral Mattes palette. Would you believe these are all just one swipe? Thats correct, these shades are bursting with pigment and look how smooth and buttery they are no chalky mattes here. 

Do you need it?

Pro Makeup Artist? Then yes, you absolutely need Viseart in your kit, no exceptions. These shadows are amazing and multi-functional, can be used not only on the eyes but also brows and face.

 Makeup lovers? I definitely cannot recommend it enough to women of color who struggle to find neutral that are pigmented enough to actually show up on darker skins. Also anyone else who either just loves neutrals, mattes and luxury buys.  It's something to treat yourself with maybe put it on your birthday shopping list or Christmas wishlist. 

I love this palette and I definitely want to get their Bridal Satin palette I think its called.