OCC Skin Conceal Review

I am sure most of you have heard of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics or OCC before as they are famous for their line of  liquid lip colors known as Lip Tars, but today I want to share a different product of theirs called OCC Skin Conceal.

This Concealer comes in ten shades that amazingly stretches over a wide variety of skintones, five shades are yellow based while the other five a red based. I found myself in a medium shade, yellow based range with color Y3. I think most makeup lovers can get together and agree finding your shade in a foundation/concealer is half the battle in finding a good one. With the OCC concealers almost everyone should be able to find their color as well as being able to easily mix up for custom colors.

When I see concealers in pot form I tend to automatically imagine the texture to be a thick heavy cream that is either ironically dry or terribly greasy, I am happy to report neither is the case with this gem! As soon as you touch this product it melts and it smoothes onto the skin like a dream and is surprisingly lightweight. This product does have a somewhat 'soft set' after application but I would strongly recommend using a setting powder to lock it into place to extend the wear time.

On the OCC Makeup website the recommended application is to mix with a drop of their primer and apply with a brush. That is the best application technique for applying this on to the whole face as a foundation as I do, though I do not currently use their primer but a drop of Organic Argan Oil.  You may also use your moisturizer for a custom tinted moisturizer! I use my real techniques contour brush to apply. When using this for typical concealing (under eyes, spot concealing) I find smoothing it on with my finger works fine.

Coverage for the OCC Skin Concealer is a solid medium plus it is just a hair shy of giving that complete block out of full coverage. As someone whose face is covered with hyperpigmentation this concealer covers nearly all of them, I do spot conceal after I apply it as foundation, patting in with my finger over stubborn spots. You definitely need to set this with a finishing powder to lock it into place and prevent it from fading. 

Bottom Line

The Bad

  • Short Wear Time: Approx. 6 hours. (Can be extended when Primer + Setting Powder is used.)
  • Not for Oily Skins

The Good 

  • Color Selection
  • Light Weight
  • Medium Plus Coverage
  • Super Blendable 

Is this concealer for you?

I would recommend this concealer for anyone with Normal or Dry skin that would like a natural finish, high coverage base that will not cake up in dry patches.