Summer Eyeliner

Sideview to catch that highlighter in action. I used the Balm Mary-Lou Manizer as always. While I do love that highlighter dearly the makeup junkie in me is craving other options. I am on the look out for another vegan highlighter/luminizers preferable in creme or liquid form, so if you know of any leave it in the comments please! On my wishlist currently is the Cover FX Illuminating Primer, just have to talk myself into the $38.00 price tag.

Colorful eyeliner is a great, subtle, way to incorporate color into your eye makeup. When ever I want some color in a non-over the top way I always go with a shade of violet. I love the way violet makes my skin looks, it's all about finding a complementary to your skin tone.

How to find your complementary color?

Your Complementary Color


Red-Violet , Pink

Green, Yellow-Green, Yellow

Light-Blue, Blue 

Your Undertone    






Lets Chat!

Whats your favorite Highlighter? + Whats your favorite pop of color to add to your eye makeup?  Leave a Comment Below