March Favorites

I'm Excited to share my first ever Monthly Favorites post on the blog. Starting out small with a list of five things that I felt were share worthy.  


1 London Fog Satchel


When I was younger I loved bags but after I discovered makeup I sold all that had any value to support my growing makeup obsession. I found this London Fog Satchel handbag at my local TJ Maxx and I just couldn’t leave without it, I’m not even someone who is into colored handbags, but when I saw this Satchel I just had to have it.


There is not a large selection for well-crafted, designer vegan leather handbags. Most bags I see when I search online are either cheaply constructed with cheap materials and tacky fabrics or just cost way more than I am interested in spending on a bag right now. I’m so pleased I found this bag, I also purchased another London Fog Satchel in black with different style but I’ve not worn it yet. 






The quality of the manufactured leather is amazing and feels strong a sturdy while being smooth to the touch. My most favorite feature about this bag is that the handles collapse when not being held; it helps keep a nice silhouette when I use the long strap as well as easy access to the center when I need open it up. I’ve stuffed this bag pretty full and have not been very precious in my handling and it has stood up to my abuse, the handles and long strap do not seem to have any visible signs of wear yet. 

Very happy I got this bag and I hope to see more from London Fog. 


2 Chairlift

“Crying in Public” 

Second is a song called “Crying in Public” from a favorite band of mine called Chairlift from their most recently released album titled Moth. Crying in Public is such a sweet song with a catchy chorus.

Watch the Music Film on YouTube HERE



3 Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Medium Brown


I already have used this product for a few years, but I first purchased it in the shade Ebony. Recently I have much preferred soft, taupey medium colored brows and the shade medium brown fits the bill. I had wanted to try a lighter color for a while but wasn’t sure if it would show up well on darker skin since all the swatches I saw online were on white skin. I found one picture on instagram from a professional artist who had a dark skinned model and the brows looked incredibly natural and just gorgeous, I hunted down the product list she used this product in the shade medium brown. My brows are, frankly, a mess. I'm trying to see how much hair will grow back to how they are naturally, for some reason my hairs at the beginning grow very short and my trouble area is my tail, the hairs grow pretty sparsely.

I don't trust anyone else to groom them, when in cosmetology school I allowed another student to practice waxing on my brows and the results literally had me in tears, maybe one day I'll share the photographic evidence of the assault but really it was traumatizing. Since then I've been paranoid to groom my eyebrows, and when I have been desperate enough and groomed them it's always very minimal and taking as few hair as possible, but I think the time is coming because I am so over these shapeless caterpillars. 

If you're curious about my favorite brows and the shapes I dream about having check out my Pinterest board dedicated solely to Eyebrows. 






Sometime ago on instagram I saw quite a few vegan/health bloggers promoting the benefits of probiotics and specifically the positive influence they can have on acne. A lot of them suggested incorporating things like Sauerkraut, Kimchi, and Kombucha into your diet. Because just the smell of Sauerkraut makes me gag I knew I would not be pursuing that suggestion, but Kombucha intrigued me.

What is Kombucha? In the simplest of terms Kombucha is the result from fermented tea. It has been a Chinese health elixir for over 2,000 years. Kombucha boosts the immune system, detoxes the body, and provides probiotics to improve tummy health. 

I really love this stuff one thing I have definitely noticed since drinking Kombucha is the mental clarity it provides; I feel more clear and present. I purchase mine from Whole Foods, Better Health and my Local Krogers, if your local groceries have a refrigerated ‘health section’ It’s likely to be in that area. 


 5 Youtube: Color Creep aka @KimberlyMargarita_


I’ve been following Kimberly on instagram for a while but only in march did I sit down and start watching her youtube content. She is an incredibly talented and unique artist and I love watching her create her looks. Highly recommend you check out her videos if you haven’t already. You can find her HERE



Okay, I shared mine, now what are some of your favorites from the month of March? Comment Below!