April Favorites

One day I hope to post my monthly favorites during the first week of the new month, I think last month I posted on the 11th so, baby steps. A bit of an eclectic lists of items this month but still pretty much all beauty related things. Enjoy.


Hylamide HA Blur


I did a first impression review of this HERE. The Hylamide HA Blur is a hydrating skin finisher which can also be known as a primer, it hydrates, minimizes pores, blurs and plumps the skin. I really enjoy this under my makeup, smoothes over the skin and makes my skin look poreless. It is challenging to find a good pore minimizing primer that is compatible with dry skin most have dried out and irritated my skin but this one has been an all star. The HA Blur is compatible for all skin types and recommend it to everyone it gives the skin a ‘natural matte’ or satin finish but they do also have a new one that they released Matte 12  for a matte finish. 




Real Techniques Bold Metals 203 Tapered Shadow Brush


I believe this is a relatively new brush from Real Techniques in the Bold Metals collection, it seems to modeled after one of the most popular blending brushes out there from other non cruelty-free brands. It is fluffy but not actually round, its wider straight on but from the side it’s a bit more narrow, I hope that description makes sense. Overall its great quality, the bristles are soft and smooth, and blend incredibly well.

Almost all of my makeup brushes are from Real Techniques and I love them all but the Bold Metals collection has become my favorite, the 203 Tapered Shadow Brush is only my second from the Bold Metals I also have the Powder brush but I can’t wait for them to keep expanding their eye brush collection.  I do have one con about this brush, before I took this photo I cleaned in but unfortunately the makeup that I used it with has collected around the rim and I haven’t been able to get it to rinse off not sure if others have had the same problem or it is just me but it’s kind of annoying. But besides that I love it and plan on getting a few more of the same.  



Youngblood Intimatte Mineral Lipstick


I was sent the three new shades they released for Spring; Flirt a Coral, Sinful a Berry Red and Fever a Bold Red. The whole Intimatte range is Vegan with a matte finish. Unlike a lot of matte lipstick it applies softly and smooth over well exfoliated and pre-moisturized lips. 

I actually don't care for my lips to be super matte so I tend to liberally apply my lip balm and apply the lipstick over top for a satin like finish. Flirt is definitely my favorite colors out of the three just because it's so easily worn everyday for my taste. 


Cocoon Apothecary Ancient Mud Mask


I’ve been trying to be more regular with my facial exfoliation lately and the Ancient Mud is my favorite skincare mask of all time, it detox and exfoliates the skin amazingly well while not being to harsh and not irritating my skin at all. 



O'Keeffe's Working Hands


I bought the lotion off tv.

A impulse buy I added last minute to my most recent  iherb order, I don’t know about you but I am often times skeptical of products that are advertised on television especially beauty/personal care products. I can’t be without hand cream, along with my phone, headphones, and charger I also I check to make sure I have had cream before I leave home.  This one in particular is pretty lightweight when applied and not very tacky so you aren’t super aware that you are wearing hand cream. What has this on my favorites list for the months is that it does not have to be reapplied after every wash, it really hydrates and the moisture lasts for hours. I definitely recommend you check it out.

From their website they said that both their hand cream and foot cream do not contain any animal by-product, soy, lanolin, nuts or nut oils. In relation to animal testing they state that they will never test their ingredients or products on animals. 



MyKind Organics Womens Once Daily


I think everyone should take multivitamins I always notice a difference when I take one regularly, finally I found one that is certified organic and vegan. I discovered the MyKind Organics at my local health shop, but they are pretty pricey fortunately I found them online at iherb for a much better price so that is where I will be repurchasing them. I haven’t taken a multivitamin in a few years since I went vegan because I never took time to find a vegan one. I used to just pick up cheap ones from target and walmart but a lot of multi vitamins have ingredients from animal sources. Also I am incredibly lazy so I just like to find products where the brand has done the work of getting certified and is labeled clearly as being vegan.

I’ve tried my fair share of those Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins since I was around 11 and from my personal experience I’d say you are much better off with a multivitamin, those specialty ones just seem to add in breakouts to the mix but the results for Hair, skin and Nails stay the same so if you been curious about those I’d say multi is the way to go. Since I’ve been taking these after only a month I’ve gotten an inch of growth ( Yes, I measure my hair monthly), so if you are also trying to grow out your locks I would look into it. 



Organic Black Chia Seeds


A bit of a random add in but nonetheless something I have been loving the past month is Chia Seeds. I follow a lot of fancy raw vegans on Instagram and Chia seems to be a mainstay in their diets so I thought I would give it a try. They don't really taste like anything in particular I find myself scooping some into my oatmeal and applesauce. ( Everytime I eat them I think of those old Chia Pet Commercials).

Why do people eat them? They are packed with omega-3s, protein, antioxidants and fiber. Often referred to as a 'Superfood' some experts even say they can aid in weightloss. 

Rachel Platten

"Stand By You"


Super cute song, love the lyrics heard it used in a Hallmark original movie and decided to look it up. I actually really like her whole album and recommend you give it a listen.