ELF Cosmetics Active Lip + Cheek Cream Palette

Elf Cream Blush Swatches 

Workout Ready Lip & Cheek Palette

I was really happy when ELF sent this my way when I first saw them post it on social media I wanted to try it. I really love cream blush, it’s just so easy, effortless and wears so naturally on my more textured/dry skin. The formula is really well done they are very creamy to the touch but not at all greasy or oily looking, as you can see in the swatches above they don’t look shiny on the skin at all. I find the pigmentation of these colors really impressive and appealing it’s not too much and they are easily blended to melt right into the skin. I love that they went with more neutral and matte shades. My favorite color is the bronze shade, I’ve been mixing it with the rosy-plum and I love it. The highlight shade is nice but I usually prefer something with more of a champagne hue, this shade is a cool pearl but it is low in opacity making not too visually alarming to wear. The highlight also looks great as a blush topper if you do enjoy a more luminous effect with your blush. It is marketed as being for wear on both the lip and cheeks, I’ve only used it on my cheeks as far as all day wear but I’m short for any reason why it would change in performance on the lips.

Post-Workout Cleansing Body Wipes

I feel like I might have tried ELF makeup wipes a long time ago and I don’t remember really using them all that much or caring for them, but that was several years ago. These wipes are really nice, the remover they are saturated is super effective. I actually have put them into my kit and have been using them on clients. I feel like they must be some kind of micellar liquid because they don’t leave any greasy feeling film on the skin like some makeup wipes used to do to me in the past.

Post-Workout Cool Down Mist

This is a really pleasant spray, I don’t think that it really does anything substantial for me but I have no specific qualms with it. It’s advertise as being able to be used to set makeup as well as a refresher spray throughout the day and I don’t have any experience to the contrary of that claim. I will say that this may not be the best choice to set your makeup if you are on the oilier side as it doesn’t have any properties to help keep your skin matte.

Sweat Resistant Mascara & Brow Duo

This is the product I’ve not used much of, I tried the mascara side once or twice. I like the size of the wand not too big and gives good lash separation.

Workout Ready Hydration Stick

This was a confusing item for me, I haven’t seen a lot of moisturizing sticks but I was game to give it a try. I found it to be super thin and not at all moisturizing, it also left a tacky feeling on the skin. Rather unpleasant and the major dud in this collection for me.  


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