Sky Organics African Black Soap


I went on a skincare review binge on YouTube and over and over I kept hearing about the wonder of African Black Soap. It’s said to be a universally beneficial cleanser for all skins even skin types affected by dryness, eczema, acne, psoriasis, dermatitis and even sensitive skin to name a few. I have found the Sky Organics African Black soap to be an absolutely amazing gentle and organic cleanser. I was interested in trying African Black Soap as a cleanser because it’s very gentle and chemical-free while still deeply cleansing to the surface of the skin.

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Currently I have been wearing makeup nearly every day because of work and creating looks for Instagram on my days off which has been causing my skin to feel slightly congested. This cleanser removes all traces of makeup left after I oil cleanse the bulk of my makeup away with the Sky Organics Organic Almond Oil. I am so happy I purchased the Sky Organics African Black Soap. Because your face will be squeaky clean after using the cleanser be sure to properly moisturizer to prevent irritation from dryness. Both dry and oily skins will love this cleanser.

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