Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism


I’ve spent some time playing around with the Anastasia Holiday Collection for 2017. Overall, I have been really pleased with the collection and I think the Prism palette is a solid 10/10. I love the color selection and the formulas.


This is a look I did the other day just playing around in the makeup and I really liked it. Wore it to the grocery store if that’s any interest of you to know, completely unrelated to the quality and efficacy of the makeup.  Shadow blend is smooth and easy, pigment is more than satisfactory. I used the shades Parallel, Eden and Sphinx, I’m really obsessed with peachy tones recently and Eden is a gorgeous pinky peach while Saturn is a more orange peach. I feel these two will be my most used out of the palette. Dimension, Throne and Sphere are my favorites on the more dramatic spectrum.

I’m also wearing one of the mini limited-edition liquid lipsticks in the shade Hudson a deep pink-peach. So far, I’m liking the Anastasia liquid lipsticks formula, I’m very new to it I like how it applies and it doesn’t feel tight so I think those are all good signs.

anastasia beverly hills prism swatch.png

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