Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture


I love this palette I knew I would when I first saw the advertisement and teasing before its release. The shades are right up my alley, very unexpected palette from such a mainstream brand like ABH, which is the probably part of the source of all the backlash from their fans. Normally when I think of Anastasia Beverly Hills makeup I think very glam, soft and neutral or romantic. Subculture is bold, aggressively pigmented and really made for those who expand their eye shadow looks beyond a neutral smokey eye with a pearl inner corner highlight. (No intent to ‘throw shade’ at any makeup enthusiasts out there but just hoping to make the point that just because something does not fit your style or preferences does not make it bad or lacking in value/quality.)


About the texture …

I’m not really perturbed by the softeness of the shadows, yes they make a bit of a mess on my desk but I’ve been doing makeup for 10 years now and I used to use loose pigments all the time so I’m not new to working with heavily pigmented shadows. It’s not that much of a challenge and the payoff is second to none. If you really like the colors and are not opposed to shadows that may require a little more finesse in application Subculture is worth it.


I was most drawn to the gorgeous greens of the Subculture palette. For this look I used Edge as a base then layered Destiny, Untamed and Rowdy, with Electric over the lid. Rowdy is a deep dark, cool plum shade and acts as the black of the palette when blended into the greens it really just deepens them without altering the green hue. I did attempt to record the process of creating this eye but unfortunately the footage was all forehead and brows.


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