Lit to the Moon and Back // Alien Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

Halloween Alien, Mermaid, Avatar Makeup

Slowly finding my footing in the way of creating some video content to share with you all, it has been something I've struggled with doing for years now. From a technology standpoint, having ancient and dead computers on hand, as well as just lacking confidence and feeling self conscious in front of the camera. However I hope to find my footing soon to be able to give you video more regularly. 

I did encounter some audio difficulty while recording, it is very very low. I am a quiet speaker naturally as well as I'm just using my microphone on my laptop so I really need to work on raising my volume next time around.

Besides that disclaimer I'm happy to demonstrate the technique I've created to have this luminous out of this world skin. I love this concept and I look forward to coming back to it and exploring it further in the future. 

I hope you were able to get something out of this video and enjoyed this look. Next time louder audio I promise! If you have any video request please feel free to comment them below or any other content suggestions are always welcome. 


Beauty Blender Sponge

Sigma E40

Yellow - TheBodyNeeds Lemon Drop

Alternative Yellow - OCC Pollencount

Blue Shimmer - TheBodyNeeds Dragonfly

Green Shimmer - TheBodyNeeds Firefly

White Shimmer - TheBodyNeeds Iced Diamonds

2nd Yellow - Sugarpill Buttercupcake

2nd Blue - Sugarpill Afterparty

3rd Blue - Sugarpill Mochi

2nd Green - Sugarpill Acidberry

3rd GReen - Sugarpill Midori

White - Ben Nye Aqua Paint

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