Black Moon Cosmetics Autumn Trio

As we are at the tail end of January and in the deep heart of Winter, is there a better time for me to finally review and swatch the Autumn Trio from Black Moon Cosmetics? I really loved this trio of colors that they released, it was very of the season and just beautiful and unique. Two of the three shades were new and limited-edition called Cider and Hazel. My favorite is Cider a neutral mustard yellow I never knew I wanted in a lipstick, I never had much luck with mustard eyeshadows, because I found that they just don’t show up on my skin.

Similarly, with this lipstick it appears like a nude, but unlike my hoard of nudes the mustard hue is very unique.Hazel is another unique shade, an olive med-tone green, not something I’d wear often but it definitely makes a statement and the slight yellow undertone keeps it from being to contrasting against my skin. This is a theme of mine with lipsticks I like especially from the more unique colors out there I need a yellow undertone to compliment the yellow base to my skin.  

 When I opened my first Black Moon Cosmetics I was greeted with the smell of a vanilla cupcake, initially I was on the fence about this as in general I am vehemently against perfumed cosmetics…but these just smell so darn good they won me over. I still don’t want everything I put on my face to have a scent but Black Moon Cosmetics gets a pass. Like most liquid lipsticks on the market Black Moon Cosmetics lipsticks are very pigmented in general, there are only two shades that are quite pale that can be a little patchy which I think is a universal thing with all brands. The lighter and more pastel a color then the streakier it can apply. The only thing that bothers me is that some of the light or medium shades dry a little on the ashier/faded side, I like to combat this my either leaving a decent amount of lip balm on prior to applying or topping it off with a gloss.