Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment Review

dermalogica nightly lip treatment review

I was gifted the new release from Dermalogica the Nightly Lip Treatment. It has been made to hydrate and soften your lips while you sleep so you awake to smooth lips. It also promises to improve elasticity, and reducing the appearance of fine feather lines overnight. The Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment is formulated with sesame seed, Indian gentian extract, and shea butter. I have been using this on and off for quite a few weeks now and have really been enjoying it. I think like with most lip balms you’ll find it most effective if you exfoliate your lips prior to applying this balm, though it is not really required to still benefit its use.

Before I tried this I would have expected it to be very rich and emollient and something that you feel on the skin, but it is incredibly lightweight and sinks into my lips almost immediately after I apply it. This lip treatment is so lightweight that I’ve gone to do a lip art over top of it with no trouble at all. The Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment is a very effective lip hydrator and repairing treatment. Two thumbs up from me.

Updated June 2018

"Nightly Lip Treatment from Dermalogica softens and hydrates overnight for a renewed appearance. Formulated with a sesame seed and Indian gentian extract blend, this lip treatment improves elasticity, while reducing the appearance of fine feather lines overnight. Vitamin-rich shea butter conditions and restores barrier function against the visible signs of aging." -

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I really wanted to update this review because it's been a year now since the first time I've tried it and it is still a regular part of my routine now, actually more so than before. I love this stuff, as I've been doing more lip paintings lately it has become super important to me to maintain a smooth and hydrated canvas. In general I've recently gotten back into taking care of my skin more earnestly. I struggled with acne for a long time and once I finally cleared my skin I found that I had become quite lazy and inconsistent with my skincare routine just because even when I let my skin go now it's never reverted back to full blown acne, so I had become complacent and lazy.

Now my approach to skincare has changed, I've gotten new skin goals and have become more motivated to achieve my own skin ideals. One big thing for me now is anti aging, my skin is my canvas and I want to make sure I'm doing all I can to maintain and improve its quality. Because I have been getting back into lip painting as well as doing more lip swatching, I want my lips. To look as best they can by being as smooth and full looking as possible.

I use this pretty consistently now and not always exclusively at night. I think of it more as a serum for the lips and surrounding area. I apply it to clean skin and I like to "lock in" the moisture with my facial oil choice of the day. With consistent use I've seen major improvements to the fine lines and wrinkles on my lips and I feel like the surface of my lips have never looked smoother. 

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