Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift / Cruelty Free Skincare

Dermalogica has just released a new eye cream named Stress Positive Eye Lift, it promises to brighten, lift and de-puff the delicate skin surrounding the eye area. I don’t have a vast history with eye creams as I could rarely find one that had any effect on the skin around my eyes or enough benefit to inspire regular use. I don’t have any dramatic eye concerns, occasionally when I’ve been cramming to many different eye looks into one day my eyes can get a bit annoyed and small bumps surface on my eyelids and under eye area, I can usually clear that up with some hydration and no excessive blending for a couple of days.

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After using the Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift for a quite a few weeks, have I noticed any changes? I don’t have much eye sags to be corrected so I can’t say anything on its claim to lift the eye area. Does it brighten? Sure, if like me your eyes only darken due to lack of sleep and temporary stresses, but if you have actual pigmentation concerns around your eye area you will not notice any changes to that effect. Does it de-puff? This is where this product shined for me, I’m not really sure all the factors that lead to the puffiness I can often have around my eyes but the Positive Eye Lift has really proven to be an effective depuffer. I feel like the metal applicator helps with this a lot as well, even though I do not keep it in the fridge (which might be a good thing to do) it’s cool to the touch when I first use it. The actual eye gel is a mid-weight gel texture that needs to be rubbed in with the excess patted away if you want to apply makeup. If you do not take these steps I experienced no adherence of my under eye concealer which led to cracks and areas where no product would stick at all.  

Overall I did enjoy trying this eye gel out, I prefer using it on no makeup days to keep my eye area looking fresh and hydrated and on the days that I am wearing makeup and have given myself enough time for some prep time I’ll use it as well, being sure to tissue away excess product after a few minutes and allowing what remains to dry completely before I start applying my makeup.

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