Dose of Colors DesixKaty Review


My first Dose of Colors and also my first time buying any items from a guru collaboration. I think Desi and Katy are beautiful and super talented ladies, love watching their videos. They have such fun personalities and I love the glamorous makeup styles. After watching their videos on their collection I knew that I’d be inline to purchase it once it dropped. I went so far as to set an alarm on my phone 10 minutes before the launch, I was at work constantly refreshing my browser on my phone and finally it was up! I did not have much time to shop so I ended up getting 2 of the Over the Top glosses and one of the More Creamer Please lipstick.

DesixKaty Over the Top and More Creamer Please swatch

Love the gloss, the amount of glitter they managed to cram into it is seriously insane. The liquid lips they put out were gorgeous but I knew they were not colors I'd actually be wearing frequently so I knew I've only be looking at the nudes. From the swatches I saw of the two colors No Shade would be too pale for my skin color which I know some people like... and to that I say to each their own. I knew I'd have the most luck with More Creamer Please and it really is a beautiful color, very peachy-tan. I've worn it pretty much non-stop since it arrived. 

While this is a limited collection I did hear that they would be restocking sometime this month so if you missed out or were unsure on if it was worth it you have a second shot at purchasing something from the collection. I would 100% recommend picking up a lipstick, personally I hope to grabbed the Mireme Highlighter and I'm still debating on ordering a More Creamer Please back up... 

Did you pick up anything from the DesixKaty collab?