Elf Blush Palette Swatches


I recently picked up the Elf Blush palette in dark from Target, I've been looking to expand my non existent blush section of my makeup collection for a while now but blushes are expensive. This elf one at $4.00 is great little starter palette for those that haven't started wearing blush regularly. 

I was impressed with the color payoff and vibrancy of the shades. They don't have any names or numbers but below I've swatched them and written a brief color description as I see them. My favorite and the most used by me since I bought this palette is the first shade which is a natural deep peach shade.

 The third shade in pan has some gold shimmer but it doesn't really stay once applied to the face and overall the wear time of the blush isn't super long. After about 4/5 hours I noticed the color start to fade, but I really recommend this for those just getting into blushes and are on a budget. 

ELF  Blush Palette Swatches 

1 Deep Peach

2 Rich Pink Berry 

3 Soft Rose with Gold Shimmer

4 Burnt Red Orange