Eylure Vegas Nay Luxe Collection Platinum Princess

Eylure Vegas Nay Luxe Collection Platinum Princess

I recently purchased another style from the Vegas Nay Mink Effects Luxe Collection called Platinum Princess. I wanted to purchased them when the collection first launched but it wasn’t available yet. I really liked the look of how full and fluttery the clusters are. If you are familiar with the bands on the Vegas Nay Eylure lashes they can be a little on the thicker side but on this particular style and in this collection as a whole they have really improved on the quality of the bands, they are both thinner and more flexible.

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Eylure Vegas Nay Platinum Princess

The Platinum Princess style is gorgeous, certainly made for those who like a little drama in their lashes while still being wearable and not at all costume like. I definitely plan to pick up a few replacements of these styles.

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