Fenty Beauty Review


The digital makeup community has been a buzz with excitement on the latest beauty launch this time it is by Rihanna. This is not a collaboration but her own cosmetic line. The release has caught the attention of everyone most notably due to the 40 shade deep Pro Filt’r foundation. I was definitely impressed by the range from a totally new line. Thought let’s be honest because it’s Rihanna this is not like any other launch, first off normally brands don’t get a full display in Sephora the first time they are available for sale nor do they reach 1 million followers on Instagram in less than a week. I think because it’s “Rihanna’s brand” people have a hard time with having unbiased opinions that aren’t based off whether they are fan of her other work or not.


I was really excited for this launch personally and I don’t think I have ever been this excited about new makeup ever. I was up way late/early in the AM to order some things from the release, and like a lot of people I feared it would be one of those small releases we’ve been seeing a lot of recently that sells out in a couple of hours and takes weeks to be restocked all for the hype. Fortunately, it was not a short fuse launch and things did not sell out at a rapid pace. During the launch party there were a few people in attendance that posted some swatches of products but overall until it was actually available there were no product swatches. The swatch photos you find on the Sephora site are pretty accurate for the things like the highlighters and shimmer sticks but I still struggled to guess my foundation shade based off the pictures.


I haven’t tried a matte foundation since high school but I just could not resist trying the Fenty range. I waited until I could go out to Sephora and swatch before purchasing the foundation and I ended up deciding to purchase the shade 350 which is described as being “for tan skin with neutral undertones” sounds right for my skin, looked okay. I’m very awkward around people and there were quite a few others surrounding the display so I wasn’t able to swatch as leisurely as I would have liked to. It is not a bad color match but it’s not indisputably my skin in a bottle kind of shade. Its not as neutral as I would like it to appear, currently due to some color I acquired over the summer it’s hardly noticeable, but I have a strong suspension once my summer color has faded completely that the color will not be something I can easily wear on its own. I’m not too bothered by that because I’m a chronic foundation mixer anyway and I always struggle to find a single color that works. I find it to be more warm than a color labeled neutral should be and I notice a slight orange hue to the skin that I wish wasn’t there.  


For oily skins if you find your shade this may be a foundation hero for you, with a beautiful soft matter finish and amazing lasting power. I’ve applied it over oil and after nearly six hours there was no cracking or separation so if you have natural oils that like to appear throughout the day your foundation will not melt away with it. For my dry skin I see myself mixing this with my more natural finish foundation for longer wear and into my tinted skin bases for a little more coverage. When I run out of this bottle it is likely that I would purchase another because I think it’s a pretty great value for that money, but I also hope that by the time I’ve finished this bottle they have released a more universal foundation formula that’s not matte.


I have conflicting feelings about this highlighter, I purchased it in the shade Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby which is a soft champagne color. The formula is where I pause, it is a cream to powder formula which I have never been a fan of. The Hu$tla Baby side applies fine with finger or brush, but the subtler Mean Money side of the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo is a bit trickier to work with. I find it “locks up” on me and I have to really scratch the surface to get product onto my brush, similarly to if you’ve tried any baked powder and experienced how sometimes the surface goes completely smooth. That’s what has happened to the Mean Money side of this duo. The colors are still super pretty, but I just don’t like the formula and likely won’t be purchasing this item in another color which sucks because I really liked the colors of the Girl Next Door/Chic Phreak shade. I do not dislike it enough to warrant a trip to Sephora for a return but I hope they come out with just a regular powder formula. Until then this won't be a stranger from my product lists on Instagram and it will get plenty of use. 


Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

I love gloss and I love this gloss. It’s super shiny and gives your lips that glass like effect. Honestly do I really need to go on with a whole argument? I think the images speak for themselves. I swatched over my bare lips, it is sheer but it has a beautiful warm pink tint and really enhances your natural lip, depending on my mood I enjoy wearing it with and without a liner. As you can see around my lips the natural pigmentation has created its own liner effect and natural depth. I will definitely be purchasing this again and again.


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