Glossier Review


Glossier is a brand that has intrigued me for some time I love their branding and no-makeup makeup vibe. I don’t know how official their cruelty-free declaration is, as I did not see that they are certified by any organizations but they are on crueltyfreekittys list and hopefully that’ll become more official soon. On their site, I did find it helpful that all products that are vegan were clearly labeled so which made for a pleasant vegan-friendly shopping experience. Not many people whom I look at have talked much about Glossier but I have of course seen them mentioned but I don’t often see people I’m familiar with wearing them which gave them a bit of mystery to me and therefore made me more curious about them. It would not be a lie to say I was also excited to finally have that pink bubble wrap zip bag… they just kill it with the esthetic appeal for me.

Glossier - Cloud Paint Beam Swatch, Generation G Leo Swatch

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Glossier Cloud Paint – Beam

In the early days of my makeup exploration I was really disinterested in blush, because my cheeks are naturally so full and accentuated I thought wearing blush would just be overkill and basically have me looking like a clown. I was avoiding anything but foundation on my cheeks. I have luckily since seen the light and glory that is blushing your cheeks, especially on low-makeup days.

Glossier’s Cloud Paint is a lightweight gel-cream like sheer to buildable blush. Beam is a soft peachy-pink, it gives my skin a nice flush of color without looking blush-y if that makes sense to you. I enjoy its breathable color it is a matte color and it does set down but it does so in a way that looks very natural on the skin. I don’t want to get repetitive about this product, so I will give you the bottom line right now, I really like this blush. I wish there were more shades I was contemplating picking up another shade called Dusk which a muted bronzy peach but I have doubts on whether or not it would show up on my darker skin. I hope to see a shade expansion in the future.

Generation G – Leo

I was curious to try this, because there aren’t a lot of sheer matte lip colors out there, at least none that I know of. Mostly when I think of a sheer lip color it’s of the high shine or glossy variety but I think what Glossier has done is quite unique. It feels very contemporary and is incredibly easy to wear. Glides onto my lips effortlessly and sits comfortably and doesn’t emphasize my lip wrinkles.  

It’s only been this year that I’ve gotten more comfortable actually wearing makeup out, because before I just didn’t want to bother and I always felt that it drew too much attention. Even if the attention is complimentary I still rather avoid presenting myself as someone who welcomes minor social interaction. However, I really have gotten a bit obsessed with minimalist makeup techniques and trying to create my own no-makeup makeup look. I’m drawn to the effortlessly groomed look of it in where appearance is polished but not overdone. When done perfectly well with balance it should be undetectable to the uninitiated, for me it's finding a fresh and luminous effect. If that is a style that interests you as well Glossier is definitely a place to start.

Glossier Review

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