June Favorites

It's about that time that bloggers come and say "I can't believe the month is over, it went by so fast…blah blah blah." June for me was another month, I did try quite a few new things but not a ton of stuff really stood out. June also happened to be my birthday month which means I had the excuse of "It's your birthday month, "treat yo' 'self"," in mind as I shopped all month. 



Lenny & Larrys Lemon Poppy Vegan Protein Cookie



It’s a really tasty vegan protein cookie, I've tried a few of their other flavors like Chocolate Chip, Sniderdoodle and Peanut Butter but this is the only one I go back to. I'm not a big breakfast person these days so I like to through this in my bag when I leave home for the day. 


La Croix Lemon Infusion



To say I am completely obsessed with this sparkling water would the definition of an understatement. Personally I am not a fan of pop at all and I thought maybe it was due to the carbonation, but it is clear to me now that I was just opposed to its vaguely poisonous taste that ensued many a tummy ache for me. This is really nothing crazy fancy, it is sparkling water infused with lemon essence. I find it incredibly satisfying and refreshing to drink.



Vegas Nay Eylure Platinum Princess



Over the past few months I've tried to get more into using my lash stash and in that exercise I discovered these gems. I have done and currently still do a decent amount of the Eylure Vegas Nay lash range while I consider them to be very pretty few have really been a lash style that I really like how they look on me. This has nothing to do with the quality of the lash I just didn't realize until now a key feature I really need to have in my lash style to love them, that feature is space. I don't know why but for some reason when I saw lashes with a lot of space I saw it as a turn off and would never even try them. I'm not sure what guided me into purchasing this style of lash but I'm so happy I ventured out of my comfort zone because these lashes are just simple stunning. My favorite lash of pretty much ever.


Urban Decay Naked Skin Shapeshifter


There is nothing really ground breaking about a new contour palette these days but it seems to be back on the trend even though it's been around for several years now. Urban Decay was nice enough to send me out a nifty box of new base items added to their Naked Skin Collection including these Shapeshifter palettes. I have never owned a contour palette before because I am just very suspicious of palettes for the face, as a darker skinned makeup consumer I find it challenging enough to find a single item to be what I need it to be for my skin. The thought that I could invest in an entire palette and be able to make full use of it's contents was just not a reality I believed could exist. When this palette arrived in my mail I was more optimistic about it because my current favorite foundation for the last several months has been the Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation in shade 8.0, it's literally the shade of my skin; I don't look orange nor yellow I just look like a human with brown skin, go figure.


The Urban Decay Shapeshifter palette is the most dynamic contour palette on the market, it contains a full range of both powders and creams to sculpt, shape and set the face for ultra dimension and definition.


BH Cosmetics Brow Trio Medium



Love this brow kit, I haven't used brow powder in ages but I really like the look of it. Gives you definition but I feel like it gives your brows a softness when applied correctly.



Joy Division T shirt


Inexpensive impulse purchase on amazon. Love the band and this is once of my favorite designs of all time.

25oz Double Walled Stainless Steel Bottle


This bottle is fantastic, I've recently purchased a lot of different double walled stainless steel bottle to drink from to help me maintain hydration during the day. I love this kind of bottle because it really does keep your drink cold for such a long time. 

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