Kat Von D Saint and Sinner Palette Tutorial + Review

I have decided yet again to try to create video content, it is something I have struggled to do for many years now. I feel so cringy being in front of the camera for video content. I’m not someone who spends a lot of time talking to other people so the speaking part is definitely the hardest, I cut out most of what was me talking in this video because it just oozed how awkward I felt talking. I’m sure it’s something that I’ll either get used to over time or find a creative way to omit it completely for now it is what it is. I’ve decided to try again with video because I hope it can be something that will help me reach a greater audience to share my makeup looks with since that’s point of all my internet presence. I love makeup and I love sharing my makeup artistry with others and getting their response to it.                                                                                                            

Anyway, I created this silvery smokey eye using the Kat Von D Saint & Sinner palette and I really like how it turned out. The weather here in Michigan has gotten quite crisp and you have feel Winters approach, always in the winter season I find that I am drawn to different variations on the gray smokey eye todays being a very bright and glittery makeup.


I was fortunate enough to receive the Kat Von D Beauty holiday Saint & Sinner palette in PR and I have been playing around with it for a couple weeks now. The palette features 24 eye shadows with a few different finishes including mattes, shimmers and glitter toppers. This is my third time using shadows from the Kat Von D Beauty range I have the Glimmer Palette as well as the Sage all matte Quad. The Saint & Sinner palette falls in line in with what I have come to expect from Kat Von D shadows. The mattes are decently pigmented and aren’t a struggle to blend out, but do require some layering depending on your desired intensity/opacity. The more satin/reflective shades are more pigmented on first swipe and have a rather smooth texture without much fall out. If you are a Kat Von D collector this is likely something you’ll want to pick up.

There are two shades in the palette that I don’t love, both Ashes and Revelation are matte shadows with glitters but the glitters have near zero adhesion. The first time I tried the palette I was really excited to use Revelation I even applied down a cream base but the glitter just wasn’t there like it looks in the pan which is disappointing.

Cathedral, Heaven and Absolution are my favorites in the whole palette as I find them to be the most dimensional shades and not just one flat hue/texture which I’ve been preferring these days.

I know the biggest complaint people have about the palette is the shade layout, and I agree that the layout is a bit of a flop. It’s not universally inviting and the matte to shimmer ratio is imbalanced with the contemporary standard. It is a holiday release which to me gives them leeway to do whatever they want with their palettes. If you’re a fan of color there are endless looks available in this palette.