Is the Makeup Eraser worth it?

Makeup Eraser Dupe

I’m sure many of you have heard about and seen the makeup eraser on social media and youtube by now. But have all of you gone out and spent $20 on a single towel? I know I haven’t. For several years now I have been using baby wash cloths to remove my makeup and have been quite satisfied with the results. Recently my mom came home with some “microfiber makeup cloths” from the dollar store so I could stop staining our regular face cloths. The dollar store cloths come with two in a pack, you cannot get a better value.




I just saturated the cloth with warm water and wiped. As you can see everything comes off in seconds. You can of course still use a makeup remover along side the cloth. 

Dollar store makeup eraser is a hardcore win for me, glad my mom thought of me to pick these up. If you have stained a lot of wash cloths in your home this can be your solution. Check you local dollar store or explore some more affordable ones online like these.



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