Milani Hypnotic Lights Powder Highlighter Review + Swatches


Recently Milani Cosmetics sent me their entire Hypnotic lights collection in PR, today I'm reviewing the Hypnotic lights powder highlighters. I a huge fan of Milani Cosmetics and so happy that they are a cruelty-free makeup brand.


Milani Hypnotic Powder Highlighter Swatches

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Currently the Milani Hypnotic Lights Powder Highlighters comes in 4 different luminous shades.

01 Beaming Light- Reflective Ultra Violet

02 Luminous Light- Fresh Pink Opal

03 Luster Light- Soft Rose Gold

04 Flashing- True Peach Gold

The Hypnotic Lights powder highlighters are really beautiful highlighters, not at all powdery when applied. I like that they are not super metallic, when on the skin they have almost a diffused looking glow. My favorite color of the Hypnotic Lights powder highlighter is Flashing, it is a beautiful light-bronze gold without being too yellow a perfect color for my skin tone and current highlighting preferences. I have been gradually moving more towards highlighters that aren't so much lighter than my skin color so there isn't this bright strip on my skin but rather a more understated glow and shine. I just think it looks more natural and not too obnoxious and Flashing is that perfect kind of shade for me. All the colors are gorgeous and I love that they do not have a noticeable base pigment, they really blend seamlessly into the skin without looking ashy or leaving a weird shadow when you're not in direct light and at the right angle.

Overall these are a solid pick for highlighters to me. Would recommend.


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