Prive Revaux Sunglasses Review "The Madam"

Prive Revaux The Madam 

Personally, I see sunglasses as an all year round accessory; I live in Michigan and once the snow falls in Michigan during the day the light reflecting off the snow can be blinding, but I know that once Summer comes everyone is on the haunt for stylish sunglasses. I know everyone in the social beauty world rocks the Desi High key frames but I just could not bring myself to spend the $65 they cost, because for only every summer ever I have at some point sat on/dropped/lost my glasses. I just cannot have fancy, expensive things. I actually did find myself on the Quay website ready to spend $75 (10.00 shipping) on the trendy designer frames, but I got a marketing email from amazon showcasing a new line of affordable Sunglasses from a new brand called Prive Revaux. Every pair of sunglasses from Prive Revaux costs only $29.95 with free shipping for prime members.

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There are so many styles available from Prive Revaux, I ordered three different kinds to try on one “The Boss” which is a round lens type. Just a quick side story on this pick; once while at target years ago I saw these gorgeous oversized Jackie O’ inspired sunglasses for $14.99 or similar and I didn’t buy them and they haunt me, because ever since I have not been able to find anything like them. Now because of that anytime I see circle frames I have to try them on. Unfortunately, I just didn’t enjoy the way I looked in these, I believe it was something to do with my cheek to frame size ratio where it just didn’t work out. However, if you have a normal sized face these will probably look great on you.

I also tried “The Nasty Woman” and “The Madam” which are very similar styles, the latter being the one I’m showcasing in this blogpost today. “The Madam” has a wider temple length which is something I really enjoy because I have such a fat head, but “The Nasty Woman” is only a bit shorter and after wearing them a spell and a dozen or so selfies I decided to keep them both.

I hope this post has helped you if you are on a budget but still want some stylish frames. I love my Prive Revaux shades, affordable, stylish and durable. I also love that each pair of frames comes with a hard case to keep them safe when I’m not wearing them.

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