Sky Organics DIY Scalp Treatment for Hair Growth

Some weeks ago, I received a Peppermint & Castor Oil DIY Scalp Treatment kit from Sky Organics in the mail. The kit consists of organic Jojoba oil, organic Castor oil and organic Peppermint oil. I was actually very happy to find this particular kit in the mail; the recipe is one I used a long time ago when my hair was absolute crap and it truly helped my balding and broken off patches repair and replenish by conditioning and stimulating my scalp.


I followed the measurement given in the instructions from Sky Organics to mix my scalp treatment, 2tbs of Castor oil and 1tbs of Jojoba oil. After pouring them into a glass measuring cup I heated them up in the microwave for 15 seconds but you can go up to 30 seconds depending on your microwave and its settings. I picked up a color application bottle for a less messy application of the oils. After putting a few drops of the Peppermint oil into the bottle I poured in the warmed mixture of Castor and Jojoba oils in. I distributed the oil all over my scalp, and then I used a scalp massager for 2-5 minutes to really make sure my whole scalp got oil and to further stimulate my scalp for growth. When I have finished with my scalp massage I cover my hair with a shower cap, and if I have the time I like to leave the oil in overnight and sleep with the shower cap on to get the deepest treatment. If you don’t have all day or night to leave in the treatment I recommend leaving it in for at least an hour before washing out. For best results, I recommend doing this treatment weekly.   


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These oils form an amazingly effective organic hair growth oil together but they can be used for so much more; below I have outlined more uses for these oil that I like to incorporate into my routine.


100% Organic Castor Oil


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I love castor oil. I first started using Castor oil years ago during high school when I had a thinning hair line and a lot of broken hairs at the nape of my neck. It worked wonders with me religiously apply it to my scalp in those areas pretty much daily. I now love to use it as an inexpensive organic brow and lash serum nightly. I take a clean, disposable mascara spooli and apply a drop or two of the Castor onto the bristles and use the spooli to brush through my brow hairs. I will also take this time to give the skin behind my brows an exfoliation by circling the spooli bristles, this will not only exfoliate the skin but also stimulate blood flow to the area to encourage growth. For my lashes I do much of the same, brushing through my lash hairs with a Castor oil covered mascara spooli.


100% Organic Jojoba Oil


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When my skin was really inflamed with acne and excessively leaking sebum even though it was covered dry patches I was desperate for a solution that would moisturize my dryness without making my skin oilier. On the search for that solution I discovered Organic Jojoba and it was great, somehow because of its composition Jojoba oil is able to regulate sebum production in the skin on both face and scalp. I believe this is because the skin reads Jojoba oil as sebum so if you’re experiencing an excess of sebum when you moisturize with Jojoba the skin already thinks its moisturized and it does not release more oil.  Since receiving this in the mail I’ve loved using as a moisturizer in both the am and pm. Leaves my skin nice and soft and not greasy. I also have not had any troubles when layering my spf and foundation overtop. 


100% Organic Peppermint Oil


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Peppermint Essential Oil works great in the DIY scalp treatment because it stimulates the scalp which increases blood flow and circulation which helps increase hair growth. I also really love diffusing peppermint oil everywhere in my apartment, I started diffusing it just because I loved the freshness the minty aroma gave the air. However, last year I learned that peppermint oil can act as a natural and chemical-free bug and insect repellent, that knowledge gave me even more reason to continue to diffuse peppermint oil. I don’t have an actual diffuser machine so I just keep a glass filled with cotton balls that I’ll pour a few drops onto, as well as using a candle warmer and a ceramic bowl that has some almond oil and peppermint oil to diffuse the oil.


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