TheBodyNeeds2 Eye Shadow Swatches

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Today I'd liked to share some great swatches with you guys. sent me some of their new colors. The first set above are my Autumn selections. A collection of warm neutral colors easy for everyday wear cohesive with the current season.  
thebodyneed2 swatches

Double Shot  Neutral Deep Brown
Submission Warm Mid-tone Brown 
Dark Kiss Mid-tone Copper 
Tilted Truth Mid-tone Orange/gold
Toasted Sugar Pale beige with gold
Laters, Baby Peach with Shimmer

These two are fun electric brights, great for fun flashy eye makeup looks. Very Summery. 

Dragonfly Electric blue with teal shimmer
Butterfly Electric pink with blue shimmer

These last two are very unique. They each have colored glitter mixed with black shadow pigment. In the picture they were swatched dry but for best application on the eyelids I recommend using a glitter glue and or creamy base so it has something to grip and you don't get glitter and black under your eyes, unless thats what you're going for.

I hope you enjoyed theses swatches, I have more coming very soon!

Autumnal Gradient Makeup EOTD

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fall eye makeup

I've had these lower lashes for a while and I've experimented with then a couple times but this time I actually liked how they turned out and I didn't have much trouble applying. I do wish they didn't photograph so shiny. My favorite part of this look has to be the highlight color from TheBodyNeeds2 in Laters Baby, it just glows. 

I hope you enjoy this look please leave a comment below.

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