Glitter in the Dark

Gradient LipArt 

Glossy Lipart

A dark and glittery lipart I did using a loose black eyeshadow that contains silver glitters. I have recently been trying to branch out into trying out more lipart and it has been very enjoyable to learn how paint a different space.  I definitely have a lot to learn and practice which is exciting. 

I  love the contrast of the 'matte' version against the glossy finish. I do believe I am more partial to the gloss because I like shiny things and overall I think the gloss added more drama. The 'matte' version really highlights the reflect of the glitter, I used a frosty white eyeshadow over top, applying it from my cupids bow and blending it downward. Adding the gloss overtop gave an intense contrast and really added depth making more of the individual glitters to pop out, like stars on a dark night. 

The stand out detail that I came away loving was my "Medusa lip piercing", I don't think I could ever actually commit to any facial piercings but I think painting one on could be a millennial take on a painted beauty mark. I definitely plan on experimenting with it more and trying it in a full face makeup look soon. To achieve the Medusa lip piercing effect  I used the tail end of a fine eyeliner brush with my black creme shadow, dotted it in the center of my cupids bow. I then wiped off  the brush and dipped it into water then into my glitter pigment and carefully tapped it onto the creme base. 


  • RCMA VK-11 Palette
  • The Body Needs Falling Stars Silver Halo
  • Milani Lip Pencil True Black 
  • Makeup Geek Ice Queen
  • Black Creme Shadow
  • Thick Clear Lip Gloss 


Space Kiss | LipArt Makeup

Another Lipart with a shadow from The Body Needs Falling Stars Collection. I love the immediate contrast these colors have with the black pigment and the shiny glitters.

To achieve this effect I based my lip with black cream makeup and used a flat shader brush to press Falling Stars Pink Gold on to my upper and lower lip. I then began blending the iridescent pink you see called Butterfly onto my cupids bow and downward. Cleaned up the edges with concealer and topped my upper lip off with lip gloss!

I'm still a noob when it comes to lipart but I see such beautiful and creative ideas put into it I like to experiment and see what I can do.

I hope you enjoyed this look, please feel free to comment below.

Gilded Kisses

Focusing on a neutral lipart today, I recreated an amped up version of the custom lip tar I used in my Orange Smokey Eye makeup look. To create this gilded nude lip I mixed one of my favorite shades from The Body Needs called 'Pink Diamonds' with a clear gloss and layered it over top of Milanis Lip Pencil in Spice.

This closeup definitely exposes my need for a lip wax. We all have that extra fuzz up there and for those of us with darker hair it can be more noticeable than those with fair hair. I prefer to wax mine as its smooth and last for weeks, I will admit that in desperate times I've reached for an eyebrow razor for a quick fix but I hate using shaving as a method for hair removal because it doesn't feel as smooth and it last for all of two seconds before you have hair sprouting back out. In high school I used to thread it, but my tolerance is not what it once was and it just hurts too much. I have no idea how I used to handle it. Hair removal creams seem to be a  popular option but personally I question their safety and I just don't feel comfortable putting those chemicals on my skin.

I recommend lip waxing all the way! How do you feel about 'lady-staches'?