The Black Lip Makeup

Season of the Witch


Pumpkin Spice on the eyes, lips as dark as my Midnight Soul. 

Rocking my new chunky knit cap from Amseleigh on etsy. Black and Orange in preparation for Halloween of course, which as a child was my favorite time of year. I don't celebrate it very much in real life outside of the occasional pumpkin recipe or carving but I always enjoyed watching  the Halloween movie specials on tv. A long standing favorite of mine was the Halloween Town movie series on the Disney Channel. I always wanted to be a Witch and spent many afternoons watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch after school, unfortunately I am still currently waiting for my powers to activate. A more contemporary favorite of mine is of course American Horror Story: Coven by far my favorite storyline of the series. I have my gripes about the ending though, mainly the killing of my beloved Misty Day who was just absolutely darling and perfect.  

The Look

Black lips are a forever favorite of mine, I think they just make all skin tones glow because it give such a contrast. Initially I did my eyes with a soft grunge style smokey eye, after I captured some pictures of that version I went in with some liquid eyeliner to add a wing. Which do you prefer, Wing or No Wing? Either way I was really pleased with the overall effect and the fact that I got my lips perfect on the first try was a cherry on top. Bold lips are always a risk some days my hands insist on shaking like a leaf in the wind. A big concern is always feathering of the outer edges. One of the best preventative tricks I've discovered was using waterproof eye liners to line my lips, they set and dry matte and help your lips keep shape longer to avoid your lip color migrating to your chin.  

P.S: I have no idea why I decided to check my temperature in the first picture while in the middle of taking photos...while wearing a hat. I'm sure we all find ourselves in odd poses when we get in front of the camera. This was just the best shot I got of my eye makeup. 




Viseart Neutral Mattes 

Sugarpill Cosmetics Flamepoint

Pacifica Stellar Gaze Mascara 


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Granite 


Milani Liquid Eye Liquid-Like Eyeliner Pencil (they should have given it a longer name)

Custom Lip Tar with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Clear Lip Tar and Makeup Corrupt Eyeshadow 


Becca Cosmetics Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop 

Lets Chat

Is Halloween a month long celebration for you as soon as the Calendar hits Oct 1st? or Are you a fan of American Horror Story? Answer in the Comments below! Also don't forget to join me on social media. 

Orange Smokey Eye Makeup

Summer Makeup, Sugarpill Flamepoint

Today's look turned out as 'Summer Smokey Eye' look, featuring an orange halo smokey eye and soft brown liner. I had to accent the skin with a glowing highlight effect I otherwise kept things quite simple to keep focus on the eyes. 

Summer Makeup, Warm Smokey eye makeup

I recently hauled in some lashes and also revisited some individuals I had stashed away after I lost patience in applying them to myself. Its so much easier on another person. I always think lashes look great on others but I personally always think they look a bit odd on my eyes. I often find them to be a few millimeters shorter than I would like for my eye shape. 

Previously I had found some lashes that fit great, the Dolly Wink brand made by Japanese model called Tsubasa Masuwaka, but they aren't readily available and were on the pricey side. Most recently another thought has occurred to me that I am unsure about the cruelty free status of the company. I long for the day where all cosmetics can be branded cruelty free. 

 Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation in G70
 NYX  HD Concealer in Glow + Yellow
 Ben Nye Banana Powder
 theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer 
 theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer 

 The Body Needs Mineral Eye Shadow in Cinnamon Stick + Tangerine + Double Shot
 theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer 
 Sugarpill Cosmetics Pressed Shadow Flamepoint
 Kiss Wispie Lashes

 Anastasia DipBrow Pomade in Ebony

 Custom Color Mix
 Milani Lip Pencil Spice