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Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Bronzer Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills has just released 6 matte powder bronzers in varying depth and tone, and all shades are vegan. These powders are incredibly matte not only in color but the powder formula is incredibly matte as well. If you’re confused by that statement I’ll try to explain what I meant, you can have a matte color but then sometimes the powders contain oils and other ingredients that encourage a luminous finish on the skin without the use of glitters of shimmers. Like how some powder foundations advertise as luminous even know there are no reflective pigments in. I hope that is easy to understand. Back to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Bronzers, of the six shades I would say the can be separated into two groups the first three being applicable for use on fair- light tan and the last three being for dark-tan to dark.

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