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I love a bright bold lipstick and Outlaw from Kat Von D Beauty has been on my wish list for maybe years at this point and now I have finally gotten the chance to try it out in their reformulated Studded Kiss. The color of it I love I just don’t find it as opaque as I wanted it to be, this is one detail that I have seen vary from person to person. How I see it to be is that if you have naturally even toned lips you’re likely going to say this lipstick is full coverage, however if like me your lips contain a variety of shades then you’ll see the transparency. For myself I absolutely have to use a lip liner before applying the bullet lipstick, Kat Von D does conveniently make a matching lip liner in the same color. I’d really like to try out the shade in the liquid formula as I find those are way more pigmented without needing much layering.  

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