Tea Tree Oil Review// Skincare Secret Hero

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

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For reasons that remain a mystery to me my chin has recently exploded with blemishes with a vengeance. I first tried some salicylic acid treatments which gave moderate success, it relieved some of the presser and pain that I was experiencing but the blemishes themselves did not seem to be drying or reducing in size. I was desperate for a solution and I remember I had some tea tree oil squared away in my skincare arsenal and after three days of dabbing on The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil both night and day the stubborn spots were completely gone.

Tea tree oil has been a favorite of mine for spot treatments since high school and I am so happy to have rediscovered it. It is great for those occasional breakouts and when you need fast results.

All tea tree oil is not equal, personally I only find it effective as a spot treatment is when the only ingredient is tea tree oil and it isn’t mixed in with fillers. You might also find it beneficial to mix in with powdered(self-mixing) masks for a blemish fighting boost.  

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