The Best of E.L.F Cosmetics Review


Illuminating Eye Cream

I have tried quite a few luxury eye creams in the past and honestly was never very impressed by any of them and felt like most eye creams were just a waste of money dollars that did nothing. I don’t have a lot of concerns when it comes to my eye area beyond wanting something that hydrates and smooths my under-eye area. I never really thought of elf as a go to for skincare, but after I saw Jkissa use and recommend this one from elf, her skin always looks gorgeous, and it’s so incredibly inexpensive I thought I was worth a try and I absolutely love it. The elf illuminating eye cream is really lightweight and hydrating, making my eyelids and under eye area feel smooth and supple. One problem I have had in the past with eye creams is that they haven’t worked well with my makeup, some have balled up on me when I tried to apply concealer. I’ve had no problems with the ELF Illuminating eye cream, it hasn’t caused me any irritation and it wears under makeup beautifully. If you’re at a loss for eye creams that wear well under makeup I highly recommend you give this one a try.

elf cosmetics highlighter swatches, vegan highlighter

Beautifully Bare Highlighting Sticks

I love highlighters and my favorites are non-powder highlighters, especially for every day. This is probably my oldest elf favorite as I’ve been using these for over a year consistently. They offer such a natural looking glow to the skin and wear beautifully on the skin throughout the day. I even really like using these over no makeup at all just to give the skin a boost. If you like a natural looking glow you’re doing yourself a disservice by not checking out these cream highlighting sticks from elf cosmetics. It comes in three colors, my favorite to use is the Champagne Glam shade.

Champagne Glam: gold with light champagne pearl

Fresh Morning Dew: clear, shimmer-free balm for a dewy glow

Pink Pearl: light pink with silver pearl

Liquid Highlighter

This is such a natural looking strobing liquid, it’s quite sheer allowing it to be universally used for a variety of skin tones. You can wear it alone for a subtle beam or use it as a base to make sure you’re glowing into deep space.

ELF Baked Highlighters

The elf baked highlighters are super radiant and come in some of the most gorgeous hues. These are great if you want to really stop the show with your highlighter especially if you apply them wet. I swatched both of my just dry with a finger.

ELF Prep & Hydrate Balm

Stick primes seem to be here to stay and I’m seeing more and more pop up. I have tried only one previously that was also made by elf, it came out with their active collection with the white and green packaging. I absolutely hated that one, it’s was super thin and sticky and did not leave my skin feeling remotely hydrated. Needless to say I was a more than a bit doubtful of this one being any different, which is why it sat without use for weeks in my drawer before I finally tried it out on a whim. I was totally shocked with how much I loved this primer. It smoothed on to my skin with ease and was truly moisturizing. My skin felt soft and smooth and ready for makeup. I’ve even worn matte foundations over top and it just lasts so nicely, there was no greasiness or separating. If you have dry skin, you absolutely must try this. I have such a hard time with primers, and this one is just insanely perfect for my drier skin without making my normal areas oily. I like primers I can apply all over for an even prep.

elf Correct and Set Under Eye Powder

I really wanted to try the Kat von D brightening powder since I had heard such great reviews, but then I saw elf had a similar under eye brightening powder and purchased theirs instead. Flawless under eyes will always be trending but it’s certainly has made a substantial resurgence when it comes to more specialized products for the cause of achieving that bright baby smooth under eye. I purchased the elf correct and set under eye powder in peach, I remember when I was younger and the banana powder was just the getting some wide spread hype and I bought it and honestly could never get into it, the yellow was just too much for me I felt like a banana with my skin already being yellow based and it didn’t help disguise my under eye darkness it just kind of turned it green. It’s really important you get the right shade, the peach works perfectly for me, it brightens and really diffuses the look of my eye hollows without looking artificially bright. Such a solid product.

elf Total Face Sponge

I am a sponge snob and hold very few (zero except this one) other beauty sponges in the same light as my beloved OG Beauty Blender, however elf snuck up on me with their total face sponge. I’ve tried one other beauty sponge from elf cosmetics previously but it was hard as a freaking rock and was promptly trashed. As soon as I took the total face sponge out of the packaging I could feel the difference to previous elf sponges, its firm but super soft to the touch and when wet it has the perfect pouncing bounce. I love how this applies and blends my makeup, and I really love the shape the flat side is perfect for blending your foundation on quickly. I’m so happy to finally have an affordable sponge I love.

Hydrogel Under Eye Masks

These are a really nice pamper products for me, I don’t use them all the time but they are great pick me up if you’re looking for feeling a little bleh and dull. Helps perk up the under eye and provide a nice soothing under eye mask that doesn’t need to be washed off afterwards.


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