Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done Reveiw

Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done Reveiw

I have never liked tinted moisturizer, not enough coverage, and always too greasy on the skin. It was a genre of base I knew in my heart of hearts would never be for me. Recently I received the Urban Decay One and Done Skin Perfector in the mail and really did not think much could come of it. I haven’t seen hardly any reviews on it, not that there aren’t reviews I just didn’t seek them out, so I was not sure what to expect from it and I wasn’t even sure that I would try it. However, one day while getting ready for work I decided to give it a try because I really did not feel like doing the whole foundation routine. Long boring story short, the Urban Decay One and Done really surprised me it has a solid coverage that camouflages most of my hyperpigmentation, provides broad spectrum spf 20, and it has a beautiful natural matte finish.


 I have combination normal to dry skin, but I am definitely prone to shine and excess oil around my nose and on my skin while wearing the UD One and Done my skin was matte for the whole day. So if you do have oily skin it likely won’t keep you as matte as it does me but I feel as though it will keep you more matte than other products may have. I did not even set my face with a powder at all and there was no movement of product. I’m so happy to have gotten a chance to try this and have already carted another one on Sephora because I have already designated this as my everyday base for school as it’s just so effortless but incredibly effective in making me feel good about my skin with minimal effort on my part.


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As you can see in the before and after above the coverage is very generous but still very natural, it doesn’t completely mask the skin but nearly all the hyperpigmentation surrounding my mouth and chin area is covered and or heavily blurred. I don’t layer any powder over top of this to keep it very undetectable, I find powdering my skin just highlights my dry patches and emphasizes that I’m wearing makeup. This looks super natural and even people who know me and are aware of my hyperpigmentation have complimented how good my skin is looking these days. I truly cannot recommend this enough.


Above I have swatches the two shades closest to my skin tone, on top is the shade Dark which you can see is deeper and richer than my skin tone. Below the dark is Medium dark which...is hardly visible because it blends into my skin color so well! It does come in a total of 6 shades so it's not the largest shade range they could probably have at least one more on the deep end of the spectrum. 

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