Urban Decay Vice Metal Meets Matte Palette Swatches


Recently I received the Urban Decay Heavy Metal holiday collection in PR a couple of weeks ago and have since been playing around with it. My first thought on the lip palette was “oh, that’s cute,” initially I wasn’t too drawn to it to which I blame the Urban Decay holiday eyeshadow palette drawing in all my attention, more on that in my next post. But once I started swatching it and playing with it, these colors in the Urban Decay Vice Metal Meets Matte lip palette are truly gorgeous. The colors chosen perfectly fit my requirements for a palette, there are the mandatory nudes, some fun but easy to wear bold colors and a few party colors thrown in to round everything out.

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The Metals

I have two of the Urban Decay Vice metallic lipstick that were in the Naked Heat collection and what I learned from those were that Urban Decay really knows how to make a metallic people can and would actually want to wear. Sometimes I see these obscenely frosted lip colors and sure I’d use them for an editorial look but personally they aren’t colors I’d actually wear out and about. They way Urban Decay crafts their metallic lip colors has them looking very refined, chic and approachable.  Amulet is my favorite shade from the top row, it’s a very warm plum and perfect for the Autumn/Winter seasons.


The Mattes

CSB, Tame and Backtalk are all my favorites from the mattes. They are all colors I already wear regularly Backtalk is just a gorgeous soft neutral pink that’s not too dark or too light. Both formulas are nice a creamy but they don’t melt and move around. I would still wear a lip liner if you like to have a crisp lip line. You can easily get full opacity with theses colors, I even actually really like the retractable lip brush that comes in the palette.

 Double Team and Shallow are the wildcard colors for me in the whole palette, I tend to avoid pastels and lilacs on the lips so I don’t see myself using much of either of them but for $35.00 this palette is a winner for me. 10/10 would recommend.