vegaLASH // Cruelty Free and Vegan Lash Serum

Vegalash, vegan eyelash serum 

Do I want longer, thicker, fuller, just more beautiful lashes naturally without mascara? Why yes, yes I do, very much please. Recently I was introduced to vegaLASH a 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and hormone-free lash conditioning serum. It's even been clinically proven to thicken eyelashes within 2 weeks of use. 

Naturally I have short, rather fine lashes. Recently I've had some discomfort with my eyelashes on the outer corner of both of my eyes tangling and being very uncomfortable, so much so that I actually ended up clipping them down. Since then they have been rather slow to grow back. I am going to try my best to use the vegaLASH consistently to really get the best results available.

You can purchase VEGALASH on their website for $80.00. 

However if you are on a budget I found a really awesome alternative on Amazon that I recommend you try, castor oil has long been a tried and true natural serum for me and thousands of others. 

On a budget?

An oldy but goody is organic cold pressed Castor Oil for conditioning both lashes and brows. It's been my fail safe for years and it wont burn a hole in your pocket.