Vegan Eye Makeup Brushes Review

Today I wanted to share with you some of my new favorite eye brushes from Sigma Beauty, these are my first new eye makeup brushes from Sigma Beauty since high school! They have evolved so much since then and really blossomed into a strong brand in the industry with a unique identity. When shopping for these I was blown away by the volume of choice in their own SigmaTech fibers that are cruelty-free and vegan friendly.  

Tapered Blending E40

You'll find this brush among many a holy grail lists it is the ultimate blending brush to diffuse harsh lines and essential to any stellar smokey eye application. 

Blending E25

Truth time, I actually requested this brush by accident thinking that I was ordering the E35! Best error ever, this brush is brilliant and blends beautifully all over the eye area; crease, lid, and lower eyelid. 

Flat Definer E75

An under appreciated brush in my opinion; love it for brows, love it for liner lower and upper, also a great starter for cut creases.

Crease • Shader E47

A really unique and ingenious design an absolute must have for cut crease and smokey eye beginners as well as those who struggle with control how far their crease colors spread when blending. 

Small Eye Liner E10

I've been exceptionally pleased with the durability of this fine liner brush, I had already used and washed the Sigma Beauty Small Eye Liner E10 several times before taking this picture and the bristles snap right back into place with no distortion. If you're familiar with some of my creative eye makeup looks you know that I have need for a trustee liner brush to create sharp linework. 

Are you fan of Sigma Beauty Makeup Brushes? What is your must-have eye brush?