Vegas Nay Luxe Collection // Faux Mink Lashes

Vegas Nay and Eylure have come together for another beautiful lash collection this time luxe, cruelty-free faux mink style lashes. As soon as I saw them I sought out to make them mine. I've been on the lookout for some vegan faux-mink lashes for quite some time to no avail but finally I have some to choose from. 

I do not think they have as of yet been officially released as they are not yet on the ULTA website and the only place I saw them were online at target.

 Like most of these super dramatic lashes the lash band is on the thicker side but as you can see in my photos of with both of the lashes they both wear beautifully without eyeliner if that is your preference. I've done a try on of both styles so you can get an idea of what they may look like and reviewed them below. 

Vegas Nay Golden Goddess 8/10

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I thought I would like this style of lash much more than I do. When I looked at them online and even in person I really liked the spacing in the design, however as you can see on my eyes the spacing kind of disappears on the end, I believe it's due to my eye shape and that they are small and almond. On rounder and larger eyes they would not wear the same way. This is very minor and doesn't at all diminish the beauty of these lashes it just makes them that little bit less of my own preferred style. I think I will go in and give the ends a some feathering to make them more to my liking. 

Vegas Nay Bronze Beauty 10/10

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I save my favorite for last. The Bronze Beauty lashes from the new Vegas Nay Luxe collection are stunning, absolutely stunning. They are so much more "natural" looking than I ever expected they could be. I love how fluttery and soft they are, I need ten more pairs immediately. Much to my delight the length of the Bronze Beauty lashes are a few millimeters shorter in lash hair length than the styles previously released that I have tried like Grand Glamour and Shining Star. I love the shorter length because I don't like the look of the top of my lashes touching the bottom of my brows. I trimmed off the last little cluster on the ends to get the most comfortable length on my eye and tucked the excess away in my lash storage for some future franken-lash to come. I cannot wait to stock up on this style. 


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