Lime Crime Lipstick Review/Swatches

                If you are a true makeup enthusiast I’m sure you are well aware of the makeup brand Lime Crime. I’ve recently purchased my fourth Lime Crime lipstick. I am completely obsessed. I wanted to share with you swatches of the colors that I own [so far], and give my little two cents on what think about them.

“Say goodbye to sliding, fading and sheer-ness with our best-selling opaque lipsticks. Loaded to the brim with pigment for maximum impact, these beauties offer unparalleled coverage in a rainbow of statement-making shades. Cruelty-free/vegan formula is smooth, non-drying and lasts for hours. Each lipstick comes encased in the signature purple tube adorned with a sparkling unicorn.”

Lime Crime puts a lot of emphasis on selling an opaque lipstick and with good reason, these lipsticks are extremely pigmented. My favorite thing about these lipsticks is that they truly do last all day. Of course with eating and drinking comes some fading, it’s not bullet proof, BUT it’s barely noticeable. When Lime Crime fading it fades to the coverage you’d probably get with laying on a normal lippie.

Bottom line I absolutely adore my Lime Crime lipsticks and I can’t wait to get my hands on more. You should defiantly check them out. =) Also they are completely vegan.

Bare Lips 

Lime Crime Coquette
"Pale, peachy-nude. Because extra-pale lips are beautiful!"

Lime Crime Great Pink Planet
Great Pink Planet
"Pastel pink with a neon note. Full coverage on all complexions, from dark to light."

Lime Crime Countessa Flourescent
Countessa Flourescent
"Blue-based neon pink. Full coverage on all complexions, dark to light. This shade combines lipstick and lipstain for prolonged wear."

Lime Crime Glamour 101
Glamour 101
" Brown-based retro red"

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Lime Crime Lipstick Swatch
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Gyaru Makeup II

Was super bored today and just lazy around at home and I decided to play in my makeup. I did a super simple nude Gyaru look using my Naked Palette. I’m super obsessed with Gyaru Makeup I just think it’s the cutest. Hope you enjoy!  Sorry that the pictures are a bit bright. I'm not the greatest photographer in the world. 

I picked up my fist Dolly Wink Lashes over black friday and finally busted them open for this look. They are just as amazing as I dreamed them to be. *dies* I wish I could afford all of them. Alas I'm more than pleased with the ones I have. 

 MUFE 65, Clinique High Impact Mascara, Lime Crime Great Pink Planet, Dolly Wink Liquid Liner

So simple and easy. Great for an everyday Gyaru makeup look.